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I looked at you the first time without any intention, knowing nothing about you, I just felt attracted to you, I don’t know why. And I look at you, and you looked me back, and we exchange intense, very intimate glances for days. At that moment I already knew our situation was impossible, but even knowing that I walk around the island that was keeping us together to see if I could find you, with no more intention but to look at you. When I less expected I was in front of you, just you and me. It was the perfect moment to start talking, hidden in the dark of the night where nobody could see us or judge us. We exchanged some words that turned into a long conversation. We talked about our lives, our situations, how we grow up. I told you the three things I was afraid of doing with a guy, and that I don’t like endings. That conversation was enought to figure out two things. First, the chemistry between us was real, I could feel it, I could touch it and I could see it in your eyes going over all my face searching for my lips. Second, we couldn’t exist out if the island, our situations were so different that nothing outside our bubble was possible.
You had to leave, and even knowing how imposible it was we searched for ways to see each other again. We met in the early morning and we talked about the night before, about the next one, and we did the most intimate thing, looking at each other. And by looking at each other we were getting closer even without touching.
We said we would see each other that night, but we didn’t. The next day I tried to find you at our place at the same time as the day before, 7 am, but you weren’t there. The time in the island was getting to an end and I was afraid I couldn’t see your eyes again.
We had just two days left until our island turned into a big city and by that I mean our story had to finish. The feeling was strange, we were strangers, we had nothing in common and we spoke just one day, but I was sad to leave you behind. I decided to stay at the island just one last night, listening to music and embracing that moment in life. Embracing that life give you things that are just meant to be something excepcional, something special. And then, you appeared, walking directly to me, and you said: “Do you wanna talk?” I said yes. The next thing you said was “thank you”. We talked with words, yes, but our eyes were the ones said the real truth.
Sometimes life give you the opportunity to live things you didn’t expect. Sometimes the emotions take over and you just have to live. As you said, life is about making memories, even those ones that contain so much emotions.

Goodbyes are not my thing, life is so long and so unexpected, and I don’t like to admit that I won’t see someone so special again. So, who knows, maybe we’ll see each other at the end of the F world. Take care, stranger.

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